Tuesday, September 4, 2012

USA Business Database

USA Business Database and Email List for Marketing

If you have just recently started a new business and are looking for contacts, then our USA Business Database is perfect for you. USA Business Database contains over 6.2 Million Business Email lists with full business contact information. Our USA Database includes all 51 US States in separate individual databases(CSV file format).
The USA Business Database contains approximately 6,200,000 Businesses spanning across 11,700 unique SIC Codes separated by state. This is your chance to come in contact to millions of decision makers such as Managers and Executives using our USA Database. Useful contact details are also included in our Business Listings such Company Name, Annual Sales, Total Employees, Company Email Address(if available) and many more.
Business owners and companies today pay thousands of dollars in direct marketing campaigns. But now you can get one of the largest  USA Business and Company Database for just a fraction of your monthly advertising budget.

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